The American Refractive Surgery Council press room provides various tools for
media and others interested in comprehensive, updated information about refractive surgeries:

News Releases:

Discussing IOLs with Your Surgeon

Findings From First Annual ARSC Survey Released

Latest Perceptions About LASIK

Parents Considering LASIK:  What Questions They Should Ask Their Surgeon

LASIK Offers Precise Vision Correction For Amateur & Professional Pilots

When Lives Are On The Line, Emergency First Responders Turn To LASIK

For Photographers, LASIK Can Be A Real Eye Opener

Can LASIK Transform Your Life?

Summer Eye Safety

Press Kit:

Considering LASIK Fact Sheet

Evaluating LASIK Fact Sheet

Glossary of Refractive Surgery Terms


LASIK: What and Whom Is It Good For

The Technologies of LASIK

Understanding LASIK Fact Sheet

What You Should Know About LASIK & Ectasia

What You Should Know About Dry Eye

What You Should Know About Glare & Halos

Are You A Candidate For LASIK?

Make The Choice To Have LASIK An Informed One

Advances In LASIK Open Door For Those Once Ineligible

Why Contacts and Glasses Can Be A Bummer in the Summer